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where to buy phones online in Nigeria - phone shops

There are many places to buy phones online in Nigeria. Most phone shops in Nigeria now have a website where they accept orders too; which is a good thing because now you don’t have to stress yourself visiting a physical store. With easy access to the Internet now, you can from the comfort of your home do all the research you want and make a decision on which smartphone or tablet is right for you, and make your order just with a few clicks.

As convenient as that is however, many people are skeptical buying online because they fear that they will be duped; make payment and not get what they paid for or get an item that isn’t as it was described or the item is damaged before it reaches them and they’re not able to return it for a a replacement or refund.

These are valid concerns. And there are some people who have had bad experiences from buying online. Like products not being as it was described or damaged and not being able to return it because they have to pay the return cost.

Having said that, for the majority of people, buying online is a smooth process and it will be the same for you too if you carefully choose the right place to shop. The right place to buy online phones online would be at a store where your interests are well protected.

Choosing the Right Place to Buy Phones Online in Nigeria

When choosing the place to buy a phone online in Nigeria there are a few things you should look out for:

  1. Make sure they have a physical address that you can visit to sort things out should something go wrong with your order.
  2. Make sure pay on delivery or cash on delivery is available. You have peace of mind when you don’t make payment until you see and feel the item you’re buying.
  3. If you choose to prepay (pay before delivery) they have a buyer’s protection terms on their site. For example AliExpress.com offers a buyer’s protection terms where the money you paid isn’t deposited to the seller instead the money is held until you confirm you have received the order and are satisfied with it. Other sites like Konga.com have a different way they protect buyers that pay online before receiving the item. You just want to make sure that should things not go right the item will be replaced or if necessary for a refund to be made, you’ll be refunded.
  4. Buy from a trusted brand even if it means paying a bit higher price. It’s better for your peace of mind. Even though there are many sites where you can order a phone online in Nigeria, it’s likely most of them are a one man business and usually don’t offer any protection for payment made online. And there are times you’ll call and they won’t pick up.

Our Trusted Online Stores in Nigeria for Phones

Jumia and Konga are our top two stores to buy phones online in Nigeria. Aside the fact that they have the largest stock of mobile phones and tablets so you get more options of brands to buy from, best prices and colors to choose from, they have established trust among buyers. They’re both well recognized brands in Africa now for what they do. And support is accessible and available to buyers at all times.

If you’re the type that prefer to go to computer village in Ikeja Lagos to buy your phone, then even better because most of the dealers selling on Konga and Jumia are vendors in computer village.

So Konga and Jumia basically give you access to look through tens of computer village phone dealers stores with just a few clicks right in the comfort of your home. Imagine having to physically go from store to store in computer village comparing phone prices and looking for the store that has the phone you wish to buy in the exact color you wish to buy it. These Nigeria online malls save you time and money by giving you access to several sellers in one place.

We created this site to help you cut down the time you would have spent researching on which phones and tablets has the features you need and where to find the best prices. We do the research for you. And send you over to where to buy which usually are Konga and Jumia. We have a third partner that we’ll be mentioning soon.

Buying Phones and Tablets on Konga

Making Payment

Regardless of the state you’re located; you can buy from Konga and they will bring it to your doorstep. Sometimes you would be lucky to find Free Shipping attach to a product, especially if you live in Lagos. Sometimes you’d have to pay extra for shipping.

When you buy from Konga you are offered a few payment options.

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Internet banking
  • ATM/Debit card
  • KongaPay

With Cash on Delivery you make the order without making payment online. Instead you choose to pay on delivery. The benefit to this is that it gives you peace of mind. You wait to receive the product, open and confirm it is what you want before making payment either with cash or POS.

KongaPay is one of the safest ways to pay for an order on Konga. In partnership with leading banks in Nigeria, Konga is able to offer a payment method to buyers that ensure trust and safety for both you and the seller. It’s the best way to prepay for your order if you choose to. Instead of having to sign up for Internet banking if you don’t have one, or entering your Debit card information online each time you want to make payment for an order and being forced to pay bank charges, you simply register your preferred bank on Konga.com. To register your bank takes three simple steps:

  1. Select your bank
  2. Enter personal and bank information
  3. Enter a code sent to your phone to help Konga verify with your bank.

And that’s it.

After that you when next you make a purchase on Konga all you’ll have to do is enter the code sent to you by your bank. It’s that simple. The best part of using KongaPay is that should you decide you don’t want to make that purchase your refund is made with just a few clicks.

An extra benefit of using KongaPay is that you get 5% off on all your purchases.

Making Returns

Konga has a general 7 days return policy for products they sell directly, that is you can return it for a replacement, exchange or refund. But as for the products sold by third parties on their platform, the return policy is determined by the third party. And it could vary from 3, 7 and 14 days, and some don’t offer a return policy.

So because there are many vendors selling on Konga platform you should check the return policy for any product you want to buy.

Another thing you should check when buying a phone, tablet or electronics from Konga is the warranty information included in the offer.

If a product has a manufacturer’s warranty, then it means that the product’s manufacturer has authorized third-party repair service providers to repair their products. For such products, you may be directed to contact the manufacturer or service center to handle issues covered under the warranty and receive your repair or replacement free of charge.

Buyer’s Protection

Konga offers a Buyer’s Protection too but only when you prepay. That is pay for your order online with one of the available options before it is delivered to you. With the buyer’s protection should a transaction not go perfectly, your order doesn’t arrive, your order was damaged or order arrived in good time and condition but it is not as described, you’re helped to get a replacement, exchange it for another or get a refund.

Sometimes these things happen when you shop online even when you shop at the most reputable stores. So it makes sense for customers to be offered protection in the event that any of these things happen. You can read more about Konga’s buyer’s protection here.

Buying Phones and Tablets from Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is currently one of the most popular online retail stores in Africa currently serving 11 African countries including Nigeria.

Their payment methods include:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • ATM/Debit Card

All the products sold on Jumia Nigeria has a return policy of 7 days from the date of delivery . During this period you’re supposed to notify customer service online or by calling them of your desire to return the product for replacement, exchange or refund. After this window period Jumia Nigeria wouldn’t accept your return.

If a device comes with a warranty then you’re advised to contact the manufacturer.

Unlike Konga, Jumia Nigeria doesn’t offer a buyer’s protection. So for your peace of mind you may want to choose to pay on delivery of your order.

Jumia Nigeria customer service is easily accessible should you need to contact them urgently about an issue. They offer Twitter Live help and are available in the following chat services; WeChat, WhatsApp, Blackberry and PalmChat.

Click here to visit Jumia Nigeria.

Buying Phones and Tablets from Micro-Station Ltd

We decided to partner with Micro-Station Ltd because we realized that sometimes they offer cheaper prices than Konga and Jumia. And a few times we’ve found a product available for order on their website that wasn’t available on Konga and or Jumia Nigeria.

More importantly though we think they have enough going for them to make them a trusted merchant. They have several physical offices within Lagos including three in Ikeja Lagos alone and one in VI; and they have a few offices too outside Lagos.

For payment they accept Cash on Delivery, ATM/Debit card and Bank Transfer.

If you’re buying from Lagos they offer free shipping on orders above ₦10,000.

Should things not go right with a purchase? They don’t offer a buyer’s protection however they have a form on their website to start the process of returning a product. So returns are accepted for replacement, exchange or refund; if they’re eligible.

These are our top three online stores in Nigeria to buy phones. We’re hoping to partner with more stores in the future in other to be able to provide you with even more price offers. For now though we’re sure that you will find the phone or tablet you want to buy and at a great price from one of these stores.

Happy Shopping!

Come back to this page please to share your experience from buying from one of these stores.

Have you already patronized all of them before or one or two of them? What was your experience like? We’ll be happy to read from you.

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