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Tecno G9 Is One Of Tecno's Best Tablets

5 5 1
I've been using Tecno G9 AKA Tecno phantom pad II for over a year now and I can't find anything to complain about regarding the performance. I think I bought the tablet toward the end of 2014. I paid ₦30k+ for it. When I bought it I was looking for an affordable tablet with a big enough screen for a great experience when I watch movies and a hotspot that my laptop can tap into to do my online work. And the Tecno phantom G9 has been great for these two things. And more... I'm able to download movies online on my laptop using the Wi-Fi hotspot and then easily transfer the movies from my laptop and watch clearly on my Tecno G9 tablet. I work from home as a Blogger and since I bought the tablet I connect my laptop to the internet through the hotspot on a daily basis and for most part of the day and it gives between an average and decent performance. I wasn't shopping for a selfie tablet but I got one anyway. Pictures taken with the tab comes out very beautiful and sharp. I wish there was the option to upload some of the pictures I've taken with the Tecno G9 tablet. If you're wondering about its camera megapixels, it comes with 5MP for front and back camera. Although I still prefer to type my articles on my laptop, typing on the Tecno G9 tablet is very comfortable and fast. It fits in between both hands perfectly and I'm used to typing with both hands. So it's just great. The tablet is durable. It has fallen from my hands a few times and no issue on the screen which is partly thanks to the flip case. Over one year use and no scratches on the screen. That's also because there are no kids or younger ones with me playing with it. Sometimes the durability of a phone depends on how you handle it. Tecno G9 is powered with 4200mAh. That's a lot! It used to last for more than a day. But recently the effectiveness has reduced as expected of any device running on a battery. When fully charged, with heavy usage it only lasts for a few hours now. With an average usage it lasts longer, can go up to 8 hours. These days I usually charge it twice a day. Once in the morning and then again before going to bed. And the last charge takes me through some hours the next morning before I have to charge again. I realized that the power runs out faster when I am browsing, directly on the tab and or through the hotspot. As for how long it takes to charge it, well it depends. I am usually charging and using it at the same time. And when I do that it takes perhaps an average of 3 hours. But when I put it off and charge it takes much less time to fully charge. As for cons of the tablet, I honestly have none. Although sometimes when I connect my hotspot to my laptop the Internet isn't as fast as I would like. My sister has said it could be that the hotspot of the tablet isn't very powerful. But it could also be due to poor service from my network. What I am sure of is that on average the hotspot has worked greatly in connecting me to the Internet and continues to. Being a Blogger sometimes I visit heavy sites like to edit images I use for my blog posts and the Internet connection I get from the Tecno G9 Wi-Fi hotspot is strong enough to upload and manipulate my images on the site. Tecno G9 tablet phone comes with 16GB ROM and 1GB RAM. And that is what I have limited myself to for the duration I have used it. I must admit that I don't use the tablet for much. What I do on it daily is connect to its hotspot and use on my laptop for an average of 8 hours a day. Then I visit Facebook several time a day and chat sometimes especially on WhatsApp. For the purpose I use it for it serves me well. Someone else who uses it for more things might find one or two things it isn't great at.


4 5 1
The phantom pad mini is a 7-inch tab with TFT screen having 256,000 colours and resolution of 800x1200 giving you a PPI of 206.03. Colours are sharp but not too vivid though on a sunny day. When using the device on a sunny day, you may need to increase the brightness completely so that you can beat the sun to it, that is one thing I don't really like about the tab. Comes with a single mini SIM which is actually ok for me and supports 2G and 3G network with the usual bands. The pad comes with our good friend Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and runs smoothly with the help of 1GB RAM chip on it and internal memory of 16GB, the memory card supports 32GB of SD Card, only 1GB out of the 16GB is allocated for apps installation, while apps can be installed on SD cards, all app data is stored on the 1GB which makes it difficult to install more apps once the 1GB is exhausted, you have to start adding and removing apps, prioritizing apps sort of, that I dislike about the tab. One area that I believed Tecno opened their ears to the outcry of their customers is in the camera aspect. This pad mini comes with 5MP rear camera, same as found in Phantom Pad N9 but this pad mini P9 has a led flash light, pictures taken in low lit areas comes out superb and cool, on many occasions, my friends will say let's use Felix's tab, the pictures are top notch (lolz). Front camera comes with 2MP camera for video and skype video calls which can be recorded at 720p at fps, which is cool. Battery comes with 4000mAh which makes the device to stay alive for 8hrs on talk and 500hrs on standby, I loved the battery power. As at the time of purchase, I bought it for N28,500 from Slots Systems Limited, Sango Ota, Ogun State. The pad comes with a flipcase and 200MB free data of any network of choice. As far as the price goes, its not a bad one at all. Imagine you wanting to buy a Samsung or Sony tab with such configurations? You would shell out more money that is twice or triple the amount of pad mini P9. Verdict Tecno P9 is user-configurable, has a wide enough screen, better reception and novice-friendly interface, I can easily recommend it since at its good-to-be-true market price; it allows me to do all that I used to do on 3 different devices with more to add. After careful thought, I decided to give the P9 a rating of 8/10 when compared to other pad devices.