UK Used Phones In Nigeria And Their Prices

UK used phones in Nigeria

UK Used Phones In Nigeria And Their Prices – Where to buy good UK used phones – London used UK phones, Second Hand and Fairly used phones for sale in Ikeja, Computer Village, Lagos.

There’s only one reason you’d be interested in buying a UK used phone and that reason is because you want one of the best phone brands smartphone like Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Sony Xperia or iPhone but for less price than the new one cost.

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That’s understandable. You can get UK used Blackberry, HTC, iPhone, Samsung and Sony Xperia phones to buy in Nigeria. But there’s a challenge.

The challenge in buying a UK used phone in Nigeria is that you could lose your money paying for a smartphone that wouldn’t work properly. It’s a 50/50 thing actually. I’ve seen a few persons who bought a used smartphone in Nigeria and it seem to be working fine for them, but there are many others who don’t get value for their money.

There are different means through which you get a used smartphone to buy in Nigeria.

  • Buy from someone who has a smartphone or tablet they almost never used or want to upgrade to a new model and therefore wishes to sell the one they have.
  • Buy from a trusted UK used phones retail dealer.

Either way you still bare some risk because even when you get to test the phone functions and features in and out, it may have some hidden faults you won’t detect until your money is non refundable.

But does this mean you should stay away from used phones? Not at all.

My recommendation in other to limit your risk is not to buy from Nigeria, an individual or a UK used phones dealer in Computer village Ikeja, instead buy from Shopping on is shopping abroad and some of their items come with free shipping and EMS shipping. With EMS, shipping cost is really low. And you don’t have to worry about losing your money. The site run a buyer’s protection program whereby the money you pay isn’t given to the vendor until you confirm that you have received your product and are satisfied with it.

I would not recommend you buy a Nigeria used phone. However like I have mentioned above, sometimes people have good reasons to sell their phones or tablets. For example my sister bought an Apple iPad sometime ago and never got around using it. She just never seem to have a need for it especially because Android is more user friendly, she just uses her Android phone and the iPad is just under lock and key. And recently she told me she wanted to sell it.

But if you do buy a used phone from someone in Nigeria, then buy only from someone you’re well acquainted with and agree on some terms like if the phone becomes faulty within a certain period of time then you’d want a refund, or some of your money back. Usually used phones come with a 6 months warranty.

Regardless of where you buy from, make sure to  ask for a receipt and a warranty. That offers you some kind of protection.

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