User Reviews Of Mobiles Phones And Tablets In Nigeria

Smartphones and tablets reviews

We understand that the most honest reviews and best research resource for an intending product buyer are the ones from the actual users of the product. So we’re inviting mobile phone and tablets reviews from all visitors to this blog.

What smartphone or tablet do you currently use and have you used in the past? What was good about it and what wasn’t?

We will only publish a review that we deem useful and fair.

The truth is there is no perfect smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world, not even if you pay 2 million Naira for it. Every phone or tablet user will have what they like or liked about a phone or tablet they use or used and what they don’t or didn’t, usually depending on what they use or used the phone or tablet for.

Having said that, every now and then we find a phone or tablet model that has same poor performance issues among its users.

So we’re hoping your review would include:

  • What you mostly use or used the phone or tablet for.
  • The areas it excels or excelled  and areas  it doesn’t or didn’t for you.
  • How long you’ve been using or used the phone or tablet before it started having issues, if any.
  • The issues, if any, that you’ve had or had with it.

Most mobile phone and or tablet brands have quality models, and also one or two models fans are not crazy about. So, that a particular phone or tablet has issues or had issues as you use or used it shouldn’t mean you should run to the web and run down the brand. That’s not helpful to anyone. More importantly your review wouldn’t be fair to the brand because you have no personal experience with other models of their phones and or tablets. So you can’t just go saying ‘hey don’t buy this brand I used their device and it sucked’.

So reviews only trashing brands will be deleted. And the ones that include trash talk will be edited out. That’s only being fair to everyone.

We appreciate your time. And we thank you for your support as we work hard to provide the best smartphones and tablets buying guide in Nigeria through this blog.

Please don’t leave the site without submitting a review of all the phones and tablets you’ve personally used.

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