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Phone Prices in Nigeria – Prices  of phones in Nigeria. Jumia Konga and Slot Nigeria price list. Phones and their prices.

When I started I debated whether or not to include prices in the list of smartphones I feature on the site.

On one hand I wanted to created a site that would provide a complete research information for a person desiring to buy a smartphone. And price is one of the most common information that you look for when researching on which smartphone to buy hence you’re reading this page.

Where to find current phone prices in Nigeria

Jumia: View Price Offers of mobile phones in Nigeria

Konga: View Price Offers of mobile phones in Nigeria

But there are a few challenges with featuring current Mobile phone prices in Nigeria.

One is that no two stores sells at the same price.

Secondly the price of a smartphone is likely to vary defending on the color of the phone you want.

Thirdly the location you’re buying from too will affect the price of phone in Nigeria.

Lastly phone prices in Nigeria changes. When a new phone is launched, the price is usually higher than what it might become in the next 6-12 months after launch.

But even with all these challenges I still wanted to provide some sort of answer to the question of ‘what is the price of…phone in Nigeria’.

So as an attempt to do that I include price ranges in the smartphones I feature. These price ranges are usually gotten from Jumia and Konga. Why Jumia and Konga?

Best Places to Find the Current Prices of Phones in Nigeria

Well because Jumia and Konga are the largest online retail stores in Nigeria. They give you instant access to tens of dealers of a particular product including smartphone dealers in Nigeria in the comfort of your home. So with a click to their website, you can get the prices of mobile phones in Nigeria of various phone stores in Nigeria.

So because a lot of people sell on their platforms makes them the best places to determine the current price of phones in Nigeria.

When I make a list of phones to buy, like the list of top 10 best Android phones in Nigeria market, top 10 most expensive phones in Nigeria and 60+ Android phones with 2GB RAM in Nigeria or write about a particular phone or tablet, the price ranges I give them are usually ranges from Jumia and Konga except when Jumia and Konga doesn’t have that particular phone in store I look to other stores online to get the price ranges.

So to determine smartphone prices in Nigeria click to a post on this site that discuss about the phone that interests you to see the price ranges in Nigeria for that phone . Or better yet click directly to Jumia and Konga now to compare phone prices in Nigeria since depending on when you’re reading a post on this site, the price ranges I gave might have changed.

If you wish to compare Jumia and Konga phone prices with that of Slot Nigeria, then see our Slot Nigeria phones price list.

I patronize Slot Ikeja Lagos every once in a while to buy a phone or tablet, however Slot Nigeria might not be the best place to buy your next smartphone or tablet. For my reason behind this, see the post on the best place to buy a phone in Nigeria.

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