Cheapest Windows 8 Tablet In Nigeria – InnJoo Leap 4

The cheapest Windows 8 Tablet I found is InnJoo Leap 4. And as at writing this it is sold on Jumia for ₦25, 500.

About Innjoo Leap 4

This cheap Windows 8 Tablet is fully optimized for work and fun. It comes with a Windows 8.1 operating system which provides a friendly interfaces and convenient daily working and fun operations. It comes with some useful Applications pre-installed including Office, Skype and WhatsApp. And Windows 8.1 which it runs on is compatible with other office software. So with Innjoo Leap 4 your work/business is mobile.

Equipped with Intel Chipset Leap4 is able to handle the most intensive of tasks at an insane speed.

At 8.0 screen size it’s the best Tablet for surfing and gaming; but more than that Innjoo Leap4 is a micro-computer that is necessary to have as you move around.

Leap 4 comes with a Wi-Fi and 3G connection. So you can enjoy limitless data transmission. With Leap4 you can achieve a smart life; a balanced combination of continuous fun, work and communication both indoors and outdoors.

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