SmartphoneToBuy.com was created with the aim of providing smartphones specifications, user reviews, and best prices in Nigeria of all mobile phone and tablet brands if possible, to help you quickly research, compare and buy the phone or tablet you want.

There are two sections of the site that helps greatly in your research and decision making of which is the best smartphone or tablet to buy.

Comparison table: If you click COMPARE you will find the option to compare important specs and price range of 2, 3 even 4 mobile phones against each other.

User Reviews: We realize that the best person to tell you the actual performance of a product is a long time user, not the person who gets a review copy of the product and uses it for only a few days, or worse someone who hasn’t even seen the product. So we welcome mobile phone and tablet users across the globe to write a review of the phone and tablet they use and have used in the past. As more and more people submit a review of their phones and tablets this becomes the best resource for the person who is shopping for the best smartphone or tablet to buy.

With our regular posts on the blog we focus on offering our visitors the full specifications of a particular device that isn’t available on the comparison table and a quick review of it, and specific buyers research topics such as the best android phones in Nigeria, cheapest android 5 inch phones in Nigeria, cheapest android Tablets in Nigeria and so on.

Our hope is that the site becomes the best research resource for Nigerians looking to buy a phone and or tablet. We encourage you to support our goal for the site by writing us a phone or tablet review before you leave the site.

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